March 20th, Holton-Arms in the Minnehaha

On Monday , March 20th, about 25 folks from the Holton-Arms School appeared at the park to move rocks and sand in the Minnehaha Creek. Our own VIP Maura was on hand to help.unknown.jpg

Instructions were delivered on how to work the new overhead skyline that was "beta" tested the previous week-end  .   .     .unknown_1.jpg

A second system was swung into service as the ladies picked up the skills on the first system quite quickly. In fact it was noted that the system actually slowed down the movement of material.


We broke for lunch earlier than normal for focus and blood sugar reasons, After Lunch we had an AAR or after action review of what the folks liked and did not like about the morning. I recall the the observation that it was noted that I did not talk too much and at the creek did not take an hour to show them how the skyline system (Recalling my paper on how to teach new folks to contra dance;-) operated. Another positive remark was that I did not tell them not to use the handtools as weapons, I mean why encourage them?;-o

Work continued at a fine pace after the after action review and the quick look at the "music video" about the current park activities.


Buckets and rocks were recorded and the results ill be reported later


Fun was had by all or was fun had by all?


The sight was cleaned up and I did ask a few times for the missing person on the right sie of the group photo to squeeze to the center, ;-(


and of course I was reminded of the "traditional Bumper Car Crawl "

Thanks to the folks at Holton-Arms for their hard work in the Minnehaha Creek at Glen Echo Park