From: Stan

Date: March 15, 2006 11:41:12 PM EST

Subject: Caps, Hats , Hardware and a cool tool

New stuff for the week-end I suspecting this week-end we should prep for the 19 folks on Monday from Holden_Arms and the 43 folks from Landon on Wednesday. The H_A was a last minute add on. Apparently we were on their calender but somehow they were not on my calender. Any way it is a chance to turn streambed into creekbank

The stuff in the picture can be used to take the prototype "orange Basket" we made this past week end and make 5 more of them to aid in the creek work next week. Have 50 of the Bump Caps, 40 orange, 6 blue and 6 green with the VIP stickers. I will tell you about the deal on the cool tool on sws.