From: Stan Fowler

Date: December 26, 2005 10:10:34 PM EST

Subject: "More Minnehaha wedgelocks"

Greeings SBS'er,

We wish to announce the wedgelock this past Saturday of recalcitant Corey's and Aimee's Rock. It was an un-expected union , thought talk of the wedge had been flowing about the Minnehaha for several weeks, at least as far back as when Aimee and Corey wrestled these rocks. The story is captured in pictures( how else?)

Viewer discretion is advised as chains were involved in the wedge lock and the un-willing "Rocks" had to be coerced into the ceremony.

Below we see that RC ( RecalcitantCorey) is gently nudged into to place after a triforing experience up stream over the last two Saturdays.


Here below Aimee is preped for the triforing ( it was noted that this was Jay's first trifor experience)


An event never observed before on the camera - the flash captures the actual wedging¨› - the rest is left up to the readers imagination


I think the photo say all these is to say about this RC&A wedgelock


And other less exciting but critical news from the SwS, we have solved the "stretching" of the skyline during the wedgelock

. recall the Large look of extra cable that was left during the installation of the shyline as to prevent the¨› cable from kinking? and the fact that two crosby's not three were used as the current thought of one member of the team was that the load would not need three (as we had the loop as a safety ?) So Aimee stretched the system to the limit. Guess I will " adjust it tomorrow using a new technique involving the trifor snatch block, which if my theory is right will actually tension both cables to the same tension.


In other news Ralph has been replaced by Cutie (QT-1)¨› details later


and a new water fall was noted at the site of 'Debbie's pond' just east of the former 'Dead Squirrel pool' (dsp), perhaps to be called " Broken Tip Falls?"


And quiz of the week , who are these folks , where are they and what are they getting ready to do? And it has nothing to do with the Lion, the Witch, and the ElectriCart